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Butler Bremer Communications

Provider of local phone, long distance, Internet, Cable TV and i wireless cellular service to customers in Plainfield, Clarksville, Nashua, Shell
Address715 Main St Plainfield, IA 50666-7779
Phone(319) 276-4458
and much more!
You can also find the Digital TV Guide permanently under the Cable TV tab, on the “Digital TV Guide” page. And as always, if you have any questions please give us a call!

New & improved Digital TV (and DVRs) NOW AVAILABLE!

To ensure that we provide you with the bestHDTV, the most channels, the clearest picture and all the bells and whistles you need, we use a technology called IPTV to deliver our Digital TV service.
Thomson Electronics, our original IPTV platform provider, has decided to leave the US market. So, weve chosen a new IPTV platform that will give you LOTS of new cool features and benefits.
Just in time for football season and all new shows starting this week, weve got DVRs available! For just $5.00 per month per TV you can add a DVR and not only control live TV, but record one show or an entire season of your favorite shows (in regular definition OR HD!) with the click of your remote and watch it back at your convenience (and even skip the commercials–what a time saver!)
With our DVR service you get 160 gigs of hard drive space, which allows you to record over 45 hours of HDTV programming (and much more regular definition programming)! You can also pause, rewind and fast forward live TV, and even record one channel and watch another channel at the same time! Call us now to get your DVR!
2) Weve added 17 new channels!

Watch the 9th ranked Hawkeyes in HD on three different channels: ABC, ESPN or even the Big Ten Network!

3) Our onscreen guide is even better!
Our onscreen guide is new and improved and even easier to use! It now shows five channels on the screen instead of three, and you can even customize the look of your guide!
In order to get our new and improved Digital TV service, you will need new set-top-boxes, so please give us a call now at 276-4458 to schedule your installation!
Also, if youd like to add DVR for $5.00 on one more more TVs, let us know so we can get you the right equipment!

National Broadband Plan may create slower Internet speeds in rural areas

The FCC has crafted a plan to make broadband Internet access universally available. However, this very plan will also make rural Americans second class citizens in the new broadband world, because it establishes speed goals for rural areas that are 25 times slower than for urban areas. We urge you to watch the following video for details, and then to contact our congressional representatives and urge them to support regulatory action that ensures equal access to broadband for all Americans.

Or, if you have a story to tell about how the Internet’s importance in your day to day life, please e-mail it to us and we will ensure that your story is heard in Washington.

Oprah isn’t the only one spreading the word about the dangers of texting and driving andtalking and driving.
According to neuroscientist Ren Marois, PhD, associate professor of psychology at Vanderbilt University, “The human brain isn’t equipped to concentrate on two things simultaneously.” It’s not surprising then that the American College of Emergency Physicians reports a rise in texting-related emergency room visits. A new British study has found that texting while driving slows reaction time more than being drunk or on drugs.And theresults can be deadly, as with the California train wrecklast September that involved a texting engineer.
So why take the risk? It’s easier and safer to drive hands-free, and now you can do it FREE. i wireless wants you to drive safely, so they’re giving away a FREE Bluetooth headset with any new 2-year activation just in time for back to school. Just stop by any of our i wireless locations, or give us a call for details!

Iowa passes anti-texting & driving law effective July 1st

The Iowa Legislature recently passed a new anti-texting law.The new law, whichwent into effect July 1st, bans all drivers from reading, writing or sending text messages or email while operating a motor vehicle.
In addition novice drivers, mostly between the ages of 14-17, and drivers with a restricted license will be prohibited from using a cell phone at all while operating a motor vehicle.
A person ticketed under the new law will face a minimum fine of $30 up to $1,000 for causing a serious accident, although there would be a grace period on the fine for the first year.
The bottom line? Dont text and drive! Its not only dangerous, its the law!

Questions about Android Phones? We’ve got answers!

Everybody seems to be talking about android phones lately, but many of us still arent quite sure what they are, or what they can do. With three new android phones now available from i wireless, we thought wed give you all the details so you can make an informed decision about whether an android phone is right for you.
What is an android phone?
Similar to an iphone, an android phone is said to be the future of mobile phone software, because the Google android platform allows you to customize the look, feel and functionality of your phone to fit your needs and personality. You can even customize your screens. And, you can run multiple applications at the same time, so, for example, you can switch from instant messaging to web browsing seamlessly.
What can an android phone do?
Android phones are loaded with great features to start with, like built-in GPS, built-in Wi-Fi, 5 megapixel cameras, touch screens, voice dial and much more. All are fully-functional smart phones that allow you to use mobile e-mail and web browsing. But what sets these phones apart is they are completely customizable with over 20,000 applications that you can download on your phone to help you do everything from checking the local weather, to creating your own custom radio station, to giving you a quick and easy Facebook or Twitter interface.

At the android market ( you can download thousands of both pay and free applications that can make your phone do anything you can imagine. From scanning bar codes at the store to see if you can find an item cheaper somewhere else, to turning your phone into a stop watch or a mileage tracker, theres an app for almost everything!
What do android phones cost?
i wireless has three new android phones available. The lowest priced phone, the HTC Hero, comes in three colors (bronze, pink and white) and costs just $99.95 withnew line activation and a2-year agreement. Android phones typically run around the same prices as other touch screen smart phones.
How do I get an android phone?
To get any of the new i wireless android phones, or to try one out for yourself, stop by any of our i wireless locationsincluding our officein Plainfield, Hardware Hub in Frederika, Seery Telecommunicationsin New Hampton or Tripoli Plumbing& Heating in Tripoli.Then let the fun begin!

If youre looking for an affordable way to spend quality family time together, you cant go wrong with STARZ. For just $10 a month (if you have Basic Cable) or $12 a month (if you have Digital Cable) you can get an entire month of great first-run movies perfect for the whole family! That’s a fraction of what you’d spend for just one night out at the movies!
This month you can watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Michael Jackson’s This is It, and lots of other great new movies. Look for 2012 coming next month!
To order STARZ (hurry–offer ends 6/30!) just give us a call at 276-4458!

Brand new android phones from i wireless starting at under $100! Perfect for Dad (and grads!)

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest Android phones, we’ve got ‘em! Starting at under $100 with the new HTC Hero available in bronze, pink or white, all the way up to the super cool new Google Nexus One, all three have 5 megapixel cameras, built-in GPS and so much more! Click the picture for more information!
Also, with a new $50 PER LINE bonus (up to 5 lines!) you can instantly receive up to a $250 credit on your first bill when you switch from another provider to i wireless.
Add in amazing plans, including two lines with unlimited talk AND text for under $100 a month, with add-a-lines starting at just $10 a month with free activation, and you’ve got the perfect plan for Dad, your grad, or even yourself!

Stop by our office in Plainfield, or any of our three i wireless locations: Hardware Hub in Frederika, Seery Telecommunicationsin New Hampton or Tripoli Plumbing& Heating in Tripoli!

Working on outside projects? Don’t forget to call before you dig!

Spring is FINALLY here, and most of us are heading outside to work on those long-awaited spring projects. Building new decks and fences, planting trees, landscaping and putting in sprinkler systems are all popular spring tasks that involve digging or excavating.
Don’t forget to call to request a cable locate before you dig. Just call 811 48-hours before you start your project to have your utilities properly identified and marked. It’s a free service that not only saves you time and money–it’s the law!

Are you a gadget guy (or girl?) Have you been holding out for the latest android phone so you can get all the latest apps?You are in luck! Android 3G Smartphones are coming soon to i wireless.

Check back soon for updates, or, to get up-to-the-minute information on i wireless phones, plans and updates, become a Facebook fan!


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